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AOH Crew Car Rental Agreement

ABC Rental, located here in Lima, has graciously allowed us to base a few vehicles on our field for the use of our visiting pilots/crew members. In order to continue to offer this courtesy, Allen County Regional Airport asks that you please adhere to their terms and agreement, below, and be respectful of their property.

• This vehicle is being rented to the person listed on this form named Renter by the Rental Agency or Office Branch otherwise referred to as Lessor.

• This vehicle is not covered for public liability and property damage insurance by the rental agency. Renter must supply liability coverage under renter's existing insurance.

• Renter shall immediately report all accidents or mechanical problems to Lessee.

• All traffic violations, tolls, and/or fees incurred during current rental period are the responsibility of the renter.

• All vehicles must be returned to:

Allen County Regional Airport

700 Airport Drive, Lima, OH 45804

• Failure to return vehicle as agreed could amount to a conversion and penal status would apply. Vehicle may not be removed from the state without express, written permission in which a mileage charge would apply.

• Daily rates are based on a rolling 24-hour period. Any fraction beyond 24 hours shall be charged an additional day(s) or per-hour fee (whichever is lesser.)


$15 / Hour*

$39.95 / 24-hour Period

*1-hour vehicle rental is FREE with same-day aircraft fuel purchase

*I have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this rental agreement. Violation of any term of this agreement shall void all property damage coverages if any are provided by Lessor under the terms of this agreement. The Renter has inspected the vehicle and, upon acceptance, acknowledges that all damages, if any, are noted. Any rental charges that are billed to a party other than the Renter (i.e.: Insurance Co.) are billed as a courtesy to the Renter. However, all charges incurred while this vehicle was in possession of the Renter remain the sole responsibility of the Renter and must be paid on demand. Therefore, Renter hereby authorizes Licensee to process any credit card voucher or apply any cash deposit to any charges made under this agreement, including but not limited to, damage to the rental vehicle, parking tickets, other illegal infractions, or the purchase of Collision Protection. Accumulated charges will be placed on your credit charge every seven (7) days unless otherwise specified.

Thanks for submitting!

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