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List or acquire your aircraft with the experts. On Centerline Aviation leverages their trusted global network and 80 years of experience to deliver bespoke aircraft sales solutions.


  • Let them put their market experience to work for you. They will select the right airplane to purchase at the best price.


  • Their aircraft consultants achieve the best value in the shortest amount of time.


  • From a complementary Vref appraisal to a complete Bespoke valuation of your aircraft.

Their agents are all ATPs typed in airplanes ranging from Gulfstreams, 737s, A320 and the 787. Along with their professional flying careers, they are very active members in general aviation community as well. They are aircraft owners who fully understand the commitment and challenges that comes with ownership. On Centerline Aviation is your single source for Acquisitions, Sales, and Appraisals.

Located in the FBO at KAOH

700 Airport Drive, Lima, OH 45804

Direct Phone: (614) 707-1975

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